Sunday, August 26, 2012


Shhh, it's a secret ..we all have different secrets. Well, one of my secret is : I have a special secret friendship. It's not a normal friendship, I know ..but who cares? This make me headache seriously but it's make me comfortable. "YOU" make me confused sometimes but can treat me right. Sometimes I damn care what's YOU say but need to pretend that "who cares?" in front of. YOU can maybe a girl or a guy too ..or can maybe a soul, my soul that live inside me? Sometimes I will think about ..why you? Maybe it because you saw me when I'm invisible? Or maybe I'm not very good at making friends? Or maybe you were just the way you are? Or maybe I just catching the feelings of you? ..We are the best best friends that look alike couple, I still have a bit nervous when I have a date with you, I still care who you always dealing with.. YOU can properly make my day even just some sweet words on it, seriously I'm not really trust you in your every words sometimes but then I did really trust it every time in those moment. YOU look alike me sometimes, those feelings, those thought, those needed, those expectation, those unspoken words.

SORRY. Sorry for disturbing, sorry for my annoying, sorry for thinking too much, sorry for keep endured me, sorry for keep worrying me, sorry for letting you down, sorry for let everything happen with an reason, sorry for who I am.
THANK YOU. Thank you for making my day, Thank you for worrying me, Thank you for respecting me, Thanks you for  trusting me, Thank you for giving me chances, Thank you for listening my boring stories, Thank you for making your special secret friend, Thank you for making something happen, Thank you for calling me when I'm not in the mood, Thank you for being a good guy in front of me, Thank you for making me comfortable, Thank you for making me believe, Thank you for making me who I am.

· Cause everything starts from something, but something would be nothing. Nothing if your heart didn't dream with me.
Where would I be, if you didn't believe ?

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